Fabrics Used For T-Shirts

There is hardly anyone in the entire world who has never worn a t-shirt. Whether it is an infant or a teenager or someone in his old age, t-shirts are available for every age. You can find some high end brands as well as some local brands selling their own t-shirts. So, everyone can afford a t-shirt very easily. Earlier the designs of these outfits used to be more of a basic pattern but with time changing, fashion has come a long way and so the t-shirt styles have also changed. Nowadays, there are various patterns whether it is striped or graphic and various necklines whether it is round neck or V-neck available in the market. Even the colors are no more limited to blue, black and grey. These days you can find t-shirts in all bright as well as neutral colors.

In fact, with online stores coming into picture, you can even opt for custom t-shirts printing which is offered by some of these apparel shops. This can give you the liberty to choose how you want to look. T-shirts are preferred by both men and women because of the comfort that they usually offer. All thanks to the varieties of fabrics that are used in manufacturing of such clothing items. Here are some of the fabrics that are commonly used for t-shirts.

Cotton is most common fabric that is used for t-shirts. It is the most preferred choice when it comes to buying a t-shirt because they are natural, breathable, soft and most importantly very affordable. The problems with cotton are that it gets shrink after it is washed for the first time and also they get wrinkled very easily so you might have to iron them properly before wearing.

Linen is also a great choice if you are fond of natural materials. This is made from the flax plant and thus the texture is a bit rough. The best part about linen is that it can dry very quickly and hence the wearer will not feel any moisture which is why they are preferred during summertime. Well, before you buy linen t-shirts get ready to do some ironing since they get wrinkled very easily.

If you are looking for some athletic wear then Lycra can be perfect for you. These are very comfortable and flexible and they allow your body to move absolutely with ease. Usually, to make a garment more stretchable and flexible, a small percentage of Lycra is added to it. Polyester has the ability of maintaining its shape although it is not lightweight like linen or breathable like cotton. If you are lazy when it comes to ironing your clothes, then polyester can be a good option since they neither shrink nor they get wrinkles. These are again fast drying material which can be great for an athletic outfit.

Rayon is an artificial material which has components of trees, cotton and other woody plants. If you are looking for absolutely comfortable tee then rayon is the best choice since they are soft and silky in texture and due to these properties rayon clothes can be draped very easily.

But it has a problem that you cannot be overusing it since they are not strong enough to stand up to repeated wear. Another thing is that they can get wrinkled. Blends are basically the combination of two or more materials used for manufacturing of t-shirts. Actually, if you observe almost all the materials have some pros and cons.




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